FalloutWhen Crank first released in October 2004, I knew it was an important story. But I could not have predicted its phenomenal success. The story in Crank, and in its sequel, Glass, is shared by so many. But even those whose lives have never been touched by this particular monster are drawn to Kristina. Despite her many flaws, they come to care about her and her family. Especially her children.

Originally, I never planned a sequel to Crank. But readers wanted more of her story and I could probably write ten books about her fall from grace. But series tend to degrade over time, and I don’t want to give my readers progressively weaker books. Rather, I wanted the third and final Kristina book to be the most powerful of the three. And I believe I’ve done that with Fallout.

The book is written from the points of view of her three oldest children, now teens in the book, and dealing with their own lives, which are shaped by the choices she made when she was their age. At the time I write this description, the real “Hunter” is thirteen, but I write him at nineteen in Fallout. Which means I’ve written the future. Please remember it’s only one possible future, created from how I see these children’s lives now. And also please remember that, while these books are rooted in our real life, they are largely fiction.

I chose to write from her children’s POVs to give them a voice, and to give a voice to my readers who struggle with their own parents’ addictions. There are many. But I also believe the ultimate hope of these stories lies here, with the generation that can choose to break this cycle. You will get “the rest of Kristina’s story,” through different lenses because “the monster” doesn’t only destroy the addict. It tries to destroy everyone who loves him or her. Parents. Children. Partners. Spouses. Friends. If this describes you, stay strong. Get help if you need it. You might find a sense of peace and community in an organization like Al-Anon. You are not alone.


Fallout Book Trailer

Fallout Excerpt

    We Hear
    That life was good
    before she
    the monster,

    but those page flips
    went down before
    our collective
    cognition. Kristina
    that chapter of her
    history before we
    were even whispers
    in her womb.

    The monster shaped
    lives, without our ever
    touching it. Read on
    if you dare. This
    isn’t pretty.

    Hunter Seth Haskins
    So You Want to Know

    All about her. Who
    really is. (Was?) Why
    she swerved off
    the high road. Hard
    to nowhere,
    indifferent to
    Hunter Seth Haskins,
    her firstborn
    son. I’ve been
    that down for
    nineteen years.
    Why did she go
    her mindless way,
    leaving me spinning
    in a whirlwind of
    her dust?

    If You Don’t Know

    Her story, I’ll try
    my best to enlighten

    you, though I’m not sure
    of every word of it myself.

    I suppose I should know
    more. I mean, it has been

    recorded for eternity—
    a bestselling fictionalization,

    so the world wouldn’t see
    precisely who we are—

    my mixed up, messed
    up family, a convoluted

    collection of mostly regular
    people, somehow strengthened

    by indissoluble love, despite
    an ever-present undercurrent

    of pain. The saga started here:


    Kristina Georgia Snow
    gave me life in her seventeenth
    year. She’s my mother,

    but never bothered to be
    my mom. That job fell
    to her mother, my grandmother,

    Marie, whose unfailing love
    made her Mom even before
    she and Dad (Kristina’s stepfather,

    Scott) adopted me. That was
    really your decision, Mom claims.
    You were three when you started

    calling us Mama and Papa.
    The other kids in your playgroup
    had them. You wanted them, too.

    We became an official
    legal family when I was four.
    My memory of that day is hazy

    at best, but if I reach way,
    way back, I can almost see
    the lady judge, perched

    like an eagle, way high above
    little me. I think she was
    sniffling. Crying, maybe?

    Her voice was gentle. I want
    to thank you, Mr. and Mrs.
    Haskins, for loving this child

    as he deserves to be loved.
    Please accept this small gift,
    which represents that love.

    I don’t really remember all
    those words, but Mom repeats
    them sometimes, usually

    when she stares at the crystal
    heart, catching morning sun
    through the kitchen window.

    That part of Kristina’s story
    always makes Mom sad.
    Here’s a little more of the saga.


Fallout Playlist

Fallout Family Tree

Fallout Letter

Fallout Sampler


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