Ellen Hopkins

Welcome to my home (page, that is). If you’re here, it probably means you want to know more about me, so where do we start? To go all the way back to my beginning requires rewinding—eek!—over half a century. If you’re up for a little time travel, check out my bio page. If you just want to know more about my books, you’ll find information on those here. (Did you know I published twenty nonfiction books for children before moving into young adult fiction?) You can also learn where I might be appearing, read some of my stand alone poetry, and discover the answers to frequently asked questions. Oh, and if you’re a writer, there’s a whole page of tips on writing and publishing.


Many of you may be researching for school projects. Please visit my For Students page. If you don’t find the information you need here, feel free to contact me via email. But please understand I get many, many requests for interviews every day. Use other resources first, then target your email with five specific questions not answered anywhere else.


To you wonderful teachers out there, on my For Teachers page, you will find links to some really great reading guides for all my young adult novels. If you are asking your students to write to their favorite author, please know that I vastly prefer email to snail mail! The post office is twenty miles away and I don’t get there every day.


If you’re a teacher, librarian or assorted “other” hoping to schedule an author appearance, my availability is limited for the coming year. Please check in with Stasia at author.appearances@simonandschuster.com


Find features like book trailers, character playlists, and relationship charts and on the Perfect page.


So go on. Take a good, long look around and come back often. I’m happy you’ve chosen to visit me here. The front door’s open, water’s on for tea, and there are cookies in the oven. Only problem is, it’s likely my husband is baking them. Since my life turned crazy busy, he has moved into the role of family chef. And he’s still learning. (And burning stuff.)


January 26-27, 2018


San Mateo CA

Info: 650.591.8286 x238

March 3, 2018

Ontario Teen Book Fest

Ontario CA

April 3-6, 2018

Texas Librarians' Association

Dallas TX